More Time Less Accomplished

Summer is coming and that means more free time to do the things you never can during the school year. Problem is I always found that with all this extra time in the summer I never actually accomplish what I want to get done. I have always wondered why until I discovered the perfect quotation to explain it; “[w]ork expanded to fill the amount of time you gave it”(Mitchel). Mitchel’s reasoning as to why we get less done in more time is simple. When we allow ourselves more time to do things we allow ourselves to be open to distractions and not stay strict on the work we have to get done. His solution to the lack of getting things done is to set appropriate time limits for when you want to get the task done by. I think this will benefit me and others unable to use their time efficiently.

For anyone wanting to read something very relatable here is the link to the article: (Mitchel)

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